About Rock Troll Crafts


I have been fascinated by the mythology, folklore and spirituality of the British Isles all my life. My work is inspired by nature and the art passed down by our ancient ancestors and those who have settled in Britain. In particular I am drawn to the inscriptions found on British Iron Age metalwork, the art of the Celts and Vikings and the rock art of our prehistoric ancestors.

I am lucky enough to have lived in Kent, Wiltshire and Dorset surrounded by some of the most important and sacred ancient monuments in Britain.

I first began combining art and metalwork over 30 years ago when  I gained an A Level in art sculpture.

Shop Members



Quality Control, Loss Prevention

Milo is four years old and is reponsible for quality control at Rock Troll jewellery. Milo is also responsible for Loss Prevention but as he can be very easily bribed with small pieces of sausage he is currently in his probationary period.


Customer Services

Mabel has just turned two and is responsible for Customer Services and ensuring that the kibble jar is full at all times.

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